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Your Care Team

Alice Taylor

Owner / Chief Executive Officer

Alice comes to the PNW from sunny Sacramento, California! With a long history in medical billing (spanning 9 years!) She started her own company in 2020 after a particularly bad experience with a medical billing company in her job. She saw a clear need for comprehensive billing services that look at the billing process from the provider’s perspective, and not just the billing company’s.

Her motto is “Get it right the first time” and boy does she. Her clients enjoy her no-nonsense and direct approach to projects, her ability to deliver on promised results, and her input on protocols to help ease the revenue management cycle.

In her spare time Alice enjoys many hobbies including gold panning, metal detecting, hanging out with her very large family, and chasing waterfalls in her current home, the Pacific Northwest!

Isha'Lynn Ranada

Chief Operations Officer

Isha’Lynn comes to us from the sunny state of Hawaii and though she’s made the beautiful Pacific Northwest her home, she brings her warm aloha spirit to every interaction she makes! 

As a medical billing extraordinaire, her expertise in medical billing, is extensive and she loves watching clinician’s bottom line increase due to her work. Isha’s motto is “You completed the services, so why wait any longer to get paid?” and she takes that motto seriously. 

As our COO, Isha works closely with all of our clients to make sure no stones are left unturned when creating a billing process. With a warm personality and her knowledge of the medical field, you are sure to get the information your clinic needs to get started with us!

Kristina Xavier

Head of Payroll and Bookkeeping Department /
Medical Billing Specialist

Kristina is a PNWer through and through, having traveled all over the country east to west, she is most happy right here in Washington. A true horticulturist at heart, her home is full of beautiful and exotic plants that she cares dearly for. Outside horticulture, Kristina thoroughly enjoys crafting everything from sparkly pixie dust necklaces to mason jar soap dispensers, her party planning skills are legendary, but she enjoys nothing more than being with her little ones and watching them grow.

As head of our Payroll and Bookkeeping department, Kristina brings a wealth of knowledge spanning 10+ years working in various facets of the bookkeeping cycle. With Kristina, you’re always sure to get accuracy and honesty!

McKenzie Castillo

Medical Billing Auditor

McKenzie is from the beautiful island of Oahu, but she has made her home is in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys cooking everything from Hawaiian island styled dishes to creamy pastas. Other than cooking, McKenzie spends her free time site seeing, spending time with her family, and playing with her puppies that she loves deeply.

As our Auditor, McKenzie is a self-motivated, hardworking individual that has meticulous attention to detail. She has a fantastic personality that comes through in all interactions and is able to resolve all problems put before her.

Haylee Delos Santos

Medical Auditor

Haylee comes to the Pacific Northwest with a lot of Aloha from the island of Oahu. She enjoys spending most of her time with her husband and two kids. Outside of family, she also enjoys her animals and cooking with the fresh eggs that she gets from her chickens every morning.

As our Auditor, Haylee is a very active and industrious person with a spunky personality. Every interaction you have with Haylee will brighten your day, and she will resolve every problem you throw at her with a smile.

Kendra Dottery

Medical Billing Specialist II

Kendra comes to us from Sunny California! With an extensive history working with different insurance payers, she is our go-to for resolving problems from a payer perspective! She has wonderful reviews from all of our clients that work with her because of her kind disposition and reassuring tone. If you ever want to resolve an eligibility issue, Kendra is your person!

As our Medical billing specialist, Kendra likes solving problems, but her favorite job is being a mom to her wonderfully-behaved children, being an aunt to her nephews and nieces, and hitting up Dutch Bros! Every interaction you have with Kendra will bring a smile to your face, and a resolution to your problem

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We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of claim that comes our way. With Comprehensive Medical Services, clients can expect a comprehensive and effective approach to getting you paid, backed by 8 years of successful auditing experience!


Comprehensive Medical Services is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be efficient, aggressive, and knowledgeable about the recovery process.

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