There are many benefits to outsourcing for our clients! Which of the following would hold the most weight for your practice?

It's Cost-Effective! ​

This is the best financial option for providers, as they save on employee benefits, salaries, and space in their office. We charge a flat fee for our services, so clinics don’t have to calculate monthly what percentage of their business they’ll pay out to someone else.


We work within our client’s systems, so none of their information leaves their hands. There is no integration or transferring of files, so they see all of our work in their systems allowing them to retain control!

No turn-around!

Our clients don’t have to worry about an employee resignation or what coverage during a vacation looks like. We work collectively as a team to make sure there is never a strain or stop to their cash flow!

No Hidden Fees!

Because there is no integration, set up is seamless. We work within our client’s systems to get their claims paid, so there is no additional program fees.

No contracts!

We believe that if our clients are unsatisfied with our services, they shouldn’t be tied into a contract. Our proposal outlines, thoroughly, what our obligation is to our clients, and how they can support us to that effect.

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