Our Services and Pricing

Our services are offered for less than the cost of a full time minimum wage employee, and backed by 8 years of medical billing expertise! Stop fighting with insurance companies, and let us get you paid!


SOO much more than submitting a 1500 form or EDI file goes into this task, most importantly, confirming information input is correct. This includes confirming the claim is going to the correct payer ID or address, the most common error and reason for denied claims.

Payment Application and Patient Billing

These two go hand in hand. When completing this task, we offer a 2 day turn around time for posting payments and mailing off your *accurate* patient responsibility bills (if unpaid).

Old AR Recovery

AR getting a bit crazy? We offer FANTASTIC AR recovery services. For a small percentage of the potentially lost income, we will go in, review EVERY claim, and salvage all that we can and report what isn't to you for next steps. ​

Insurance Verification

This task is the most important in the billing process. In addition to confirming that the services you provide are covered, we will also confirm your network eligibility with the plan, and get you the most information about your patient's coverage! ​

Credentialing and Contracting

As needed, we can provide these services to your establishment, whether it's ensuring your CAQH information is complete and up-to-date, or regular follow up to make sure payers get you contracted, we do it all!

Medical Billing Audit

This service has tons of potential, do you want a determination of efficacy in your billing department? Would you like to make sure you're credentialed with all of the payers you advertise? Would you like to make sure all of your insurers are listed with accurate payer IDs? With our MB Audit, you give us a question, and we will get you the answer!

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